Press Release – Israeli Raid into Gaza

PERTUBUHAN MUAFAKAT SEJAHTERA MASYARAKAT (MUAFAKAT) strongly condemns the latest onslaught by the Israeli Zionist regime into Gaza, code-named ‘Operation Cast Lead’ that resulted in the killing of more than 350 civilians, maiming more than one thousand six hundred of the population and inflicting serious damages towards their dwellings and properties and the country’s infrastructures.

This is one of the endless brutal actions committed by the Israeli regime against the Palestinians and specifically against the Hamas. This latest inhumane action is too excessive, unacceptable and goes against international norms and practices, which therefore calls for condemnation from the international community.

The turmoil and fighting currently taking place in the region is the direct result of the action of the Israeli regime and The United States of America which want to cripple the HAMAS organization and also to divide and to alienate them from the rest of Palestinian population.

It is therefore very clear that the Israeli regime is the source of the sufferings and humiliation experienced by millions of Palestinians since the inception of Israel in 1948. The Israeli regime is rightly the true terrorist. They colonize and terrorize the Palestinians and the Lebanese, confiscating their land and properties, restricting their movements, killing ordinary civilians and freedom fighters, imprisoning thousands of them, regardless of children, women, and the aged and innocent people. )

In view of the above, we are of the opinion that peace can only prevail in Palestine, if just and permanent solutions are implemented. We therefore call for :-

1. Immediate cease-fire be implemented between Israel, The Palestinians and complete withdrawal of the Israeli regime and its military forces from Palestine .

2. The superpowers, especially The United States of America should use its influence to urge the Israelis to stop its attack on Palestine, observe the ceasefire and return to the negotiating table to thrash out issues such as the dissolution of all its illegal settlements hitherto constructed on lands confiscated from the Palestinians, giving the Palestinians free movements in and out of their territories, exchange prisoners of war etc,

3. The Israeli regime and the super powers must recognize the existence of a free and independent state of Palestine, as well as allow the formation of the Government elected by the people. The Palestinian Government must be given all the necessary requirements necessitated for the smooth running of a Government, including the right to obtain the collected taxes and royalties, freedom of movement and the right to collect revenues to enable the state to function freely and independently.

4. The Israeli regime must unconditionally dissolve its illegal settlements hitherto constructed on lands confiscated from the Palestinians,

5. The American Government and other super powers are to deal with the Palestinians issue impartially and responsibly, respecting the basic human right of the Palestinians, similar to what is practice in their respective countries. This means recognition of the freely and democratically elected Palestinian Government to run its own affairs without interference and arms-twisting.

6. We also call the International organizations such as the UN, OIC and NAM to take concrete and effective actions to stop the fighting from escalating, protect the Palestinian people from the atrocities of the Israeli regime as well as to work towards the realization of a free, independent, sovereign Palestinian state and to end the continuous Israeli occupation of Palestine.

7. Lastly, we call on Muslims all over the world, especially Malaysians to come forward to help the people of Palestine in whatever capacity, be it financially, materially and doa.

Thank you.





31 December, 2008

3 Muharram, 1430

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